Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Third Vice-President - Diana Corazza


Diana Corazza grew up in an immigrant family that emphasized the importance of education. Throughout her 17 year career, she has worked in a number of capacities. She has been a strong advocate for newcomer students, helping them learn the English language and navigate the settlement process. She has recently embraced the opportunity to work as Department Head of Cooperative Education at St. Robert Catholic High School (York Unit) where she provides students with experiential learning opportunities and post-secondary planning and currently works as the Specialist High Skills Major liaison for the centralized construction program in her school board.

Diana believes it is important to provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for students, while also embracing the diversity and unique experiences they bring to the classroom. She especially enjoys supporting her students to develop and showcase their talents and skills and provide mentorship as they pursue their passions and plan for their post-secondary pathway.

Having already been a “go-to” OECTA person in her school for many years, sharing information and answering questions on all things related to the collective agreement and staffing, Diana was elected to the York Unit Executive in 2013. Locally, she served the Association in a variety of ways, including attending rallies and conferences, being an AGM delegate, and organizing workshops for members of the local unit.

Provincially, Diana is serving her second term as Third Vice-President on the Provincial Executive. She served as a Councillor from 2019 to 2021 as well as the liaison to the Diversity Advisory Board, the Accessibility, Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity taskforce and Status of Women Committee. She also serves as the Association’s representative on women’s committees with the OFL, CLC, and CTF. She is a strong advocate for promoting women’s leadership in the Association, strives to remove barriers to leadership for women, and providing the tools and opportunities for women to network and seek out opportunities for leadership, both locally and provincially. She is looking forward to continuing to serve the Association in the position of Third Vice-President.

Diana is passionate about advocating for her students and her colleagues, striving to ensure that all voices are heard and respected.