Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Sister Pat Carter

Sister Pat Carter is the first teacher from a Catholic school board (OECTA Huron Superior Unit), and the first teacher outside Toronto, to receive the Harmony Educator Award, presented to her in 2013 for her efforts to promote and enhance diversity, equity and inclusion in her classroom, her school, and community.

The Harmony Movement ( is an educational non-profit that works with teachers and students across Ontario to address issues of racial discrimination and prejudice in Canadian society to promote awareness and challenge all forms of discrimination.

“Many teachers in Northern Ontario Catholic school boards are doing the same great work,” says Sister Pat, who has been a secondary school teacher for more than 20 years. “I accept this award for all of us who try to bring equity and inclusive education policies to life for all students and colleagues.”

Equally active in her community, with social justice organizations such as the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and L’Arche, Sister Pat also works tirelessly to improve the lives of the poor by fundraising for the local soup kitchen and joining in a sidewalk sleepover to raise awareness of the hardships faced by the homeless in Sault Ste. Marie. Her activism and hands-on involvement make her a valued resource for teachers and students.

For the past four years, Sister Pat has been the Religious Education and Family Life Consultant, and Faith Animator in the Huron Superior Catholic District School Board.

“My role is to help students to develop multicultural manners in matters of faith and culture – skills necessary to be global citizens,” she explains. “In our Grade 10 religion program, for example, I tell students that they have two questions to answer: ‘What kind of person am I becoming?’ and ‘What kind of person do I want to become?’

Be sure to read Sister Pat’s weekly blog, Catholic Culture Update, where she provides religious, equity and inclusivity edu-tips, videos, teachings, inspirations, and lesson ideas.