Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Allegations of Fraud


A member calls the Counselling and Member Services department because the police are investigating allegations of improper accounting procedures connected to school trip to Europe. It appears that money is missing and the police are threatening to lay criminal charges for theft and/or fraud. The teacher is seeking legal advice and representation.


If teachers are engaging in any activities where funds are collected from students, such as a class trip or extra-curricular activities, it is imperative to follow school board policies for collecting, recording, and depositing the money. Precise record keeping is essential. In many cases, it is appropriate, as soon as the money is collected and recorded, to deliver it to the principal or school secretary. Keep copies of all receipts. Teachers should avoid making any deposits directly into a personal bank account.

It is imperative that teachers follow appropriate accounting procedures when it comes to collecting money from students. Failure to do so could result in criminal charges, dismissal from your employment, and discipline from the Ontario College of Teachers. As well, if the teacher is charged criminally, it is quite probable that the media will report the matter, which would further tarnish the teacher’s reputation.