Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Unsatisfactory Performance Appraisal


A teacher calls after receiving an unsatisfactory performance appraisal. The principal wants the teacher to sign the Post-Observation Meeting Form, but the teacher is refusing because the principal has been picking on him and included inaccurate information in the evaluation. The teacher is discouraged and wants to resign and teach elsewhere.


It is not a good idea to resign. Resignation does not allow a teacher to escape performance issues. If a teacher resigns within the process, the school board may inform the College. If a teacher resigns after two unsatisfactory ratings, the law requires the school board to report to the College. The law also requires hiring boards to request copies of the last two performance appraisals from a teacher’s previous board.

If you disagree with the evaluation, indicate that you merely signing your receipt of the copy but do not agree with the evaluation. Teachers should sign the Post-Observation Meeting Form to acknowledge only that you have received it. Call your local OECTA Unit Office immediately for further directions.

You are entitled to write comments and are advised to do so if you have any issues or objections to the evaluation. Do not submit any written comments without first seeking advice from OECTA. Do not allow negative comments to be inserted without a rebuttal.

If you receive an unsatisfactory rating, ensure that you understand clearly the reasons for the rating, the actions you need to take and what time, help and other resources will be provided to ensure your success. Document this process. Call your local OECTA Unit Office or if you cannot get in touch with your local OECTA unit, contact OECTA’s Provincial Office.


The current Teacher Performance Appraisal process requires at least two negative appraisals before a school board may contemplate termination. The process specifies timelines as well as the responsibilities and obligations for both the teacher and the school board. With appropriate time, resources and assistance, many teachers improve their rating between the first and the second appraisal.

An unsatisfactory rating is immediate cause for concern. If this happens, you should contact your local OECTA unit as soon as possible for assistance. OECTA’s Contract Services Department works closely with units to provide assistance and guidance concerning grievances that may need to be filed on a teacher’s behalf.