Ontario English Catholic Teachers

Teacher Representative on School Council


A member whose principal has assigned her to be the teacher representative on the school council for the 2001-2002 school year contacts the unit president to ask if she can refuse this assignment. The president contacts the Counselling and Member Services Department for advice.


It is NOT the responsibility of the principal to appoint the teacher representative on the school council. The full and part-time teachers of the school elect their own representative.


In June 2001, the Ministry of Education distributed a document on the election process for use by school councils to school council chairs and school principals.

This document states that the teacher, non-teacher and student representatives on the school council must be elected by their members. This election may take place at the same time or shortly after the election of parent representatives. Parent representatives are to be elected each September (or within 30 days of a new school opening).

A principal may encourage a teacher to serve on the school council, but cannot make the appointment. A teacher may be acclaimed by teaching colleagues for this position, however other teachers should not be excluded from offering to serve.

OECTA has developed two pamphlets on school councils. Both Teacher Representatives on School Councils and School Councils are available through your unit office.