Ontario English Catholic Teachers

ECE Evaluations


An Early Learning Kindergarten Program (ELKP) teacher phones regarding directions that her principal has given about the Early Childhood Educator (ECE) assigned to her classroom. The principal has directed the teacher to keep anecdotal notes about the performance of the ECE. These notes would in turn be used by the principal during the evaluation process of the ECE. The teacher wants to know if she is required to perform these duties.


Teachers are not responsible for the evaluation of ECEs, nor any other employee of the school board for that matter. Section 277.48(3) of the Education Act clearly states:

"A board shall not require a person employed by the board as a teacher to conduct or participate in performance appraisals of designated early childhood educators. 2010, c. 10, s. 21.”

The principal should not be directing teachers to provide notes that could in any way be used for the evaluation of an ECE. If the principal continues to insist that this is part of the teacher’s responsibilities with respect to the Early Learning Kindergarten Program, the teacher is advised to request that direction in writing. If the teacher does receive the direction in writing, the teacher is advised to contact the local OECTA unit office in order to discuss any possible grievance actions.


Teachers are responsible for the long-term planning and organization of the Early Learning Kindergarten Program class. Teachers are also responsible for: student learning; effective instruction; formative assessment (assessment for learning) and evaluation, based on the team’s assessments of children’s progress; and formal reporting and communication with families.

ECEs bring a focus on age-appropriate program planning to facilitate experiences that promote each child’s physical, cognitive, language, emotional, social, and creative development and well-being, which provide opportunities for them to contribute to formative assessment (assessment for learning) and evaluation of the children’s learning. ECEs are also responsible for implementing the integrated extended day. 

The roles and responsibilities of principals and vice-principals are clearly defined concerning the performance appraisal process.